Our family came up with the concept of Brag Tags over 25 years ago, as we were thinking of fun, easy, and affordable ways to motivate, recognize and reward ALL students. School Life, a fmaily business built by educators for educators is the home of the original Brag Tag®. We are honored that thousands of educators credit our Brag Tags for helping to build positive school culture. However you may ask, what is a Brag Tag? And how can they build positive culture in my school? Well, let us explain!

Collection of Brag Tags

What are Brag Tags?

A military-style dog tag was our original inspiration to create Brag Tags®. From there we added other tag shapes and the Brag Tag phenomenon caught on through the world of education! Brag Tags are aproximately the size of a military dog tag ( 2” x 3” ), and hang on a ball chain necklace, keychain or cable ring. Our inexpensive Brag Tags are made of a plastic substrate called teslin, they are laminated, waterproof and about the thickness of a drivers license. They are fully customizable tags designed to motivate, recognize, reward and promote positive behavior throughout your classroom and school. Simply put, Brag Tags are the most effective classroom management tool around. A game changer! See what customers say.

How to use Brag Tags?

Brag Tags® are so versatile, there is not just one way to utilize them. Use Brag Tags to best fit your school or classroom management style. Motivate students and bring awareness to school topics, activities and programs by awarding your students with Bag Tags. Reward students that demonstrate a desired behavior by giving them a Brag Tag.  Suggested uses and school favorites are: Perfect Attendance | Honor Roll | Reading | Red Ribbon Week | Citizenship | and Box Top Donations. The power of Brag Tags is nothing short of amazing, and the results are immediate! Students quickly begin to collect and proudly wear Brag Tags. And you as an educator, will quickly notice student's eagerness to earn and collect more.

How Do I Get Students Excited About Earning Brag Tags?

On the first day of school, in your classroom or in a schoolwide assembly, give each student either a 24" or 4" chain, and explain to them that throughout the year, as their teacher notices them demonstrating exceptional classroom behavior, they will be rewarded with Brag Tags, which they can then keep on their chains. Give them a Brag Tag customized with your school's logo to start off their collection. Get them excited about the prospect of earning as many Brag Tags as they can throughout the year! You can send a letter home to parents explaining the incentive program to keep parents in the loop as well! Then, follow up in the classroom by awarding Brag Tags at moments when students deserve them. We believe that all students are special and important, so you should have no trouble finding reasons for each student to earn a Brag Tag. You'll willl quickly find that students love collecting these! Many teachers and administrators report back to us, that classroom behavior and participation dramatically improves when there is incentive to earn Brag Tags. 

How Often Should I Give Out Brag Tags?

As often as you want! Some teachers have recommended trying to ensure that each student gets at least 1 Brag Tag to add to their collection per week, as this dramatically helps with classroom management, and keeps the reward and incentive going throughout the entire school year. We have Brag Tags for holidays and special events as well as academic participation, so you'll never have a shortage of design ideas to choose from. The afforadable price is just right for tight budgets. 

What Ages Are Brag Tags Appropriate For?

From preschool all the way up through the end of elementary school, educators have had success using Brag Tags as their primary classroom incentive program. As long as you are excited about using and giving out Brag Tags, your students will be too! Our metal dog tags are popular with older students.

How Should I Store Brag Tags?

Storage after rewarding your students: As for storing students' chains in the classroom, one of the best ideas we've seen are creative and cute Brag Tag bulletin boards with each student's name and a place for them to hang their Brag Tag chain. That way, students can watch their Brag Tag collections grow throughout the year! Check out this awesome teacher's board

Jennifer's Brag Tag Board

What Should I Order to Get Started?

To start your Brag Tag incentive program, order a ball chain necklace or key chain for each student in your school or classroom. You may want to order a few extra chains in case a student looses their chain, or for additional students that come during the year. Then, we recommend that you order the following Brag Tags:

Order each student a Starter Brag Tag welcoming them to school. We recommend this be a brag tag customized with your school name. Some examples are shown below. 

starter tag examples

A Teacher and School may have different paths of ordering... 

If you are a SCHOOL:

Plan on awarding Perfect Attendance tags to students for each month perfect attendance is achieved. Check our EASY Perfect Attendance Program. Also order your Red Ribbon Week Brag Tags at this time. You will see how excited your students are to earn these tags. Since each student already has one tag customized with your school name on it, the reminder of tags do not need to be customized and you can achieve quantity discounts with mixing and matching of our stock tag designs. For instance, when ordering in quantities over 1000, they are $0.12 each. This will quickly become popular and you can award students for other school programs such as Accelerated Reader, Honor Roll, and Citizenship.

If you are a TEACHER: 

Order at least 25 of four different multi-purpose award tags for each of your students, or order one of our Value Packsthat can be used for a variety of different occasions. We suggest looking at our AWARDSCITIZENSHIP and SPECIAL DAY themes. Our stock Brag Tags can be combined for quantity discounts. Some best sellers are below: 

Popular Teacher Tags

Brag Tags Work

We might be a little biased, but we really believe that Brag Tags are the best, easiest, and cheapest way to reward, celebrate, and motivate students in the classroom! We aren't the only ones who feel this way! Educators, administrators, and parents alike have nothing but wonderful things to say about the big impact made by these small Brag Tags! See what our customers say! 

Start improving your classroom today with these amazing incentive Brag Tags!